Sitemappath not updating

My point is that if you have a local develpment copy of the app, examine the problem Page and it should give you a clue about what's going wrong.

I also recall that I could examine the HTML output of the page in the development environment and it had the defective reference, though it didn't manifest itself as a server-crasher until I moved the app to a Win 2k3 machine (in my case, there was a secondary mechanism of referencing the CSS file so I was none-the-wiser for a while). Hi All, I found another situation in which this could occur... Event time: 12/23/2007 PM Event time (UTC): 12/24/2007 AM Event ID: 35801b7140f14040b14138208ef5e7d1 Event sequence: 540 Event occurrence: 18 Event detail code: 0 Application information: Application domain: /LM/W3SVC/1853235269/Root-1-128429392640001030 Trust level: Full Application Virtual Path: / Application Path: C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\\ Machine name: H145104 Process information: Process ID: 159884 Process name: w3Account name: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE Exception information: Exception type: Http Exception Exception message: Cannot use a leading ..

I have some asp pages also in the same site,and all of them work,none of the aspx pages work with this error . I tried everything mentioned in all newsgroups , but none worked..

I tried changing the file from the themes folder ,but still the same error exists, only for my aspx pages. Thanks , I could identify the problem line from the HTML produced by the problem pages .

In Share Point Online I have detected a bug that prevents the suite bar logo (configured in the o365 tenant admin center) from being rendered after applying a theme with a non-default colour scheme.

Render(Html Text Writer writer) at Form Rewriter Control Adapter.

Render Control Internal(Html Text Writer writer, Control Adapter adapter) at System.

I simply moved the CSS file elsewhere so it wouldn't be automatically referenced (in the wrong way) and everything was fine. So I was trying all the style things described in your post and lots of other, then it hit me that it only started happening after I moved the functionality from User Control (within the website) to the library as a Custom Control. Since I changed the redirect I didn't have any issues: If you have a better solution please explain better I'll gladly switch from Response. Transfer Thanks, Tatyana This is the error I am getting: Event code: 3005 Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred. id=3274 Request path: /Show User host address: 66.2 User: Is authenticated: False Authentication Type: Thread account name: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE Thread information: Thread ID: 1 Thread account name: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE Is impersonating: False Stack trace: at System.

hi , i get the same message .i checked the entire code , i dont have the .. It didn't jive with the URL rewriting, unfortunately. NET resolved the URL of the CSS file in the Theme directory. What I have is a Custom Control called "Html Control" which looks for the querystring of the content to show, if not found I redirect the response to the Sitemap with a message that the page is not found. When the query string is not found my request was sent to a sitemap but after the page_Pre Render my page errors out with the following message: "" The interesting thing is that the response was sent back to and that's the page which is shown on the error log. Transfer is still using the previous page and Response. Tatyana Hughes I'm not sure what do you mean by "enable parent path on iis dir config" but there is a post I added regarding my issue.

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