Sick of dating games

There are women who will bail, ghost, use, cheat, manipulate, lie; people tend to suck in general but obviously it’s not everyone. Pretend like there are tv cameras waiting with bated breath for your emotional honesty.I’m aware that there are men in the great wide somewhere who don’t act like idiots. Share like there’s a million dollar commercial deal waiting at the end of the season.

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There is no appeal to the nail biting wait for a text message (since we all know a phone call is off the table) after you sleep with me. (Which wasn’t appealing even when I was 19.) I want you to ask me out a few days before and plan something. I don’t need flowers but, goddamnit, some sign that you care would be nice. If we go out and you don’t want to see me again (brace yourself cuz this is hard to understand): don’t tell me that you do. I’m not going to tell you some fairytale story about how wonderful you are if I don’t think it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to decide you want me.

Make it as soon as possible so you can see if he is worth it. And she couldn’t stop checking her phone every two minutes.

Therefore, avoid to torture yourself and wait all week to see the other. I have a friend who told me that after months of flirting with an amazing girl they finally went out for the first time.

Hey its not as if i don't have a lot to offer anyone I'm witty i can keep up with banter on occasions, I'm sarcastically funny everyone likes that haha.

I'm not an idiot nor am i a genius, but I'm not an idiot(i guess that's what counts).

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