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The end is hilarious really good but still ongoing at the moment (they're up to c120 now). This was a really fun read, it could have been better if some of the plotholes were filled out and the story was better planned out (the author repeatedly notes that she had started the story for fun and didn't plan much).the idea of players in the same place participating in two different games is something I haven't read before so for me, this is new idea and I'm loving it. so far the doll one is the only one that's really creeped me out but that's because I find dolls disturbing on the best of days (i would always cry as a little kid when people gave me dolls; those empty staring I thought this was 'completed'. LOL Anyway, I feel like it's really hard to get attached to any of the characters here. The blend of horror, comedy, and romance was very enjoyable, however.

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Our MC thinks he’s in basically a dating sim and is all happy-go-lucky. Who knows if it's the programming or he's doing it consciously.) tldr; Cannon fodder have feelings too, you know?

Meanwhile, the other “players” around him are super serious and afraid. Of course, with only one chapter out so far, I can’t speak about ML just yet. MC is playing a love game while the other players are forced to play horror games. At least if they're going to die, it shouldn't be because of the MC being stupid for no good reason.

The events that occur in each game is fun to read, and the horror aspect is downplayed a bit (for me at least) due to the MC's game being about chasing the one he is attracted to. And it was completely different from what I'd expected. Would rate 1.5 if I could, but I can't, so I'll be nice and round up instead. So good that I couldn't wait for updates and mtl'd it like others, but I will probably re-read it after it is translated as well just because it is really freaking good.

MC, for some reason, you would only get a gist of what he's feeling. The third arc broke my heart into a million pieces, I haven't cried that hard in a long time.

One thing to note, for those who might not like this is (about the 1v1 nature of the book) although it is technically 1v1.i.e.

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