Shoes accommodating afo braces

Most boots are just simply not designed with orthotics in mind, meaning that they are not wide or deep enough to accommodate all the extra space that a pair of AFOs take inside the shoes.

I have been fitting children’s shoes and orthotics for the last 10 years, working for a specialized children’s shoe store that focuses in children with foot and leg pain, but we provide regular shoe fittings as well.

I have seen parents at the store emphasize to their kids how the AFOs will greatly improve their function, and how that is the most important thing to keep in mind.People truly have no clue what other parents go through to buy something so simple such as shoes for their children that need to wear AFOs until they have to do it themselves.I have seen parents try several different hacks to make the shoes accommodate the AFOs, such as removing the original soles and the tongue of the shoes.Most children’s shoe companies seem to simply not care about children who require special shoes to accommodate their AFOs.It’s cheaper for them to manufacture shoes that come in a standard width to accommodate most foot shapes and save money.

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