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[I just loaded the page in Windows 7, Firefox 8.0, 9.0.1, and 10.0, and the game loaded and played every time without fail.

Make sure you have Javascript enabled and any ad blockers disabled. :-) Games with lots of online interactions always carry the risk of someone pulling a stunt like that.

If you continue to have difficulty, try emptying your browser's cache and reload the page. It keeps saying "Enter Room Name to Create" but when I try, it just says that that room isn't available or something...

But they’ll have to add to the story with every text of theirs.Take this back and forth for a few minutes, and it’ll definitely start to get naughty and exciting.Game #3 Role playing over the phone This is a great texting game that’s safe and yet, extremely arousing if played the right way.Start a sentence and leave it halfway so your date can complete it.And when your date texts you back the sentence, say something else that’ll be a continuation of their sentence.

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