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38 10247 Berlin Freakwenz#4 @ Void Berlin Freakwenz Fest and Hell Drop are teaming up to offer two rooms of electronic madness!

╬ ACID//ACIDCORE//DARK-ELECTRO ╬ ■BRANDON SPIVEY & RICHIE ANDERSON (Audio Riots - Drop Bass Network) LIVE - UK ■COEXSYSTEMS (Special Weapons/Badback/Holzplatten) LIVE - DE ■XOSPHR (Impakt/Shadowboxing) DJ - BE ■D-TRONIK (Electro-Activity) DJ - BE ■CURT COCAIN (Freak Soundz/Demolition dirt Crew) DJ - DE ■Q-CHIP (Bunker/Solar One) DJ - UK ■SHVLFCE (Gabber Noir) DJ - USA ☠BREAKCORE//HARDCORE//DARK DNB ☠■MATT GREEN (Epileptik/Special Forces/HK Violence) DJ - UK ■ARS DADA (Peace Off/Cock Rock Disco/Braincore) LIVE - NOR ■H-KON (Clash Of The Titans/Praxis) DJ - DE ■AMBOSS (Praxis/Mindbender/No Room For Talent) LIVE - DE ■GRR (Industrial Strength/Mechanical Brain) LIVE - IT ■ZIM (Helldrop) DJ - DE ■BEATXO (Helldrop) DJ - DE PRAXIS PRESENTS DATACIDE SOLI, Subversiv Praxis presents Datacide Soli - a fundraiser for Datacide Twelve and a celebration of the new record releases by Electric Kettle and Bulkrate.

Friedrichshainer Plattenbörse @ Jugend(Widerstands)museum zwischen 14.00 uhr und 22.00 Uhr Jugend[widerstands]museum Rigaer Straße 9-10 10247 Berlin DJ´s: Crash 0.1, Christoph Fringeli, Evil Trust, Stanislav, u.a.

Solitek @ Köpi Für Repkosten nach der Besetzung der Schlesi 25 und Kosten gegen eine Abschiebung legen auf: RANZFANZ (Hardtek) PHOBOTEK (Hard DNB/ Hardtek) ZOMBIEFLESHEATER (Breakcore) Do It (Klassik Hardtek/Gabba) Wo: KÖPI - Keller (Köpenicker Strasse 137) Wann: Beginn: 23 Uhr -NO SEXISM - NO RACISM - NO LOOKISM EDUTAINMENT SOLI PARTY @ Kili // Kili, Wiesenweg 5 - 9, Berlin Breakcore and noize for a better tomorrow Christoph Fringeli (praxis rec/datacide) Fobia (Seven Samurai) 190Bpm( Rubbabreakz) Fallout Boy (audiomassive) Tekamin (a_sound) Evil Trust (neuromantic-violations) project infos as video Das Projekt "EDUTAINMENT for the Gully People" in Sierra Leone Worum geht's?

The first wednesday is hosted by fgnugn and Crash 0.1 with a focus on experimental noise and soundscapes, the third wednesday of the month is hosted by T3kamin and Praxis and brings you cutting edge experimental beats and breakcore.

The novel deals with messy family history including infidelity, mental illness, emotional abuse, and neglect.

There's also a lot of science and history: Alex is recording diary entries on a "Golden i Pod" he hopes to send into space just like his hero, Carl Sagan, sent the Voyager Golden Records in 1977.

Veiled references to young adults sorting out romantic interests and discussing suspected sexual relationships.

Boy talks about wanting to record sounds of someone in love, including possibly French-kissing or someone in a same-sex relationship. The narrator is fond of Johnny Rockets restaurants, and there are several mentions of snack foods (Coke, Jolly Ranchers) and other brands including You Tube, Febreze, Glad Ware, and Safeway.

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