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Hollywood police are hunting for two men who jumped bail on sexual offense charges, one accused of sodomizing an 84-year-old nursing home patient with Alzheimer's disease and the other with molesting a 5-year-old girl.Clarence Wilson, 43, whose last known address was 1485 W. 123, North Miami, skipped his June 6 sexual battery trial, police said.Abrams photographed himself engaging in sex acts with six victims, some of them neighborhood children, who ranged in age from 3 to 14.Eugene wrote that he was "brow-beaten and intimidated" into pleading guilty in the New York cases when he was mentally ill."Usually someone who does that isn't prone to fly."Henning ordered Abrams to attend regular therapy sessions, stay in his sister's Pembroke Pines home and stay away from the victim.Although Abrams could have been held without bond, Henning said she was required to consider mitigating circumstances.Abram's wife, Joyce, 28, in two counts of obscenity, 45 counts of endangering the morals of minors, and two counts of sexual abuse.Clarence Wilson, arrested on sexual battery charges in an attack on a nursing home patient, failed to appear in court on June 6, Alston said.

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He took flying lessons, churned bogus identity documents out of his home computer, and studied books like 100 Ways to Disappear and Live Free. I.; April 21-- Nassau County District Attorney William Cahn said today that his office had broken a nationwide, 0,000 - a-year pornography business, which allegedly used little girls, including the photographer's own three-and-one-half-year-old daughter, as models for lewd photographs. Abrams advertised for girl models between the ages of 4 and 14 years of age in issues of Screen magazine which is published by Milky Way Productions of 11 West 17th Street, Manhattan.

In a 75-count indictment returned by the grand jury, Eugene Abrams, 37, of 1033 Little Neck Avenue, North Bellmore, was charged with one count of rape, five counts of sexual abuse, four counts of sodomy, one count of incest and nine counts of endangering the morals of minors. The models were paid 0 a sitting and, according to Mr.

Cahn, were allowed to return for subsequent sittings though, in at least one case, the parents knew their daughter had been molested while being photographed.

The magazine and Milky Way Productions were named in the indictment along with the executive editor, Alvin Goldstein, 35, of 61 Jaine Street, Manhattan, and Mr.

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