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1859 - Death of Seth Thomas, founder of The Seth Thomas Clock Company. The western portion, previously known as Plymouth Hollow, was named Thomaston in honor of Seth Thomas in 1875.Seth Thomas's sons, Seth Jr., Edward, and Aaron took over the business. A new separate company called, "Seth Thomas Sons & Company" was created to manufacture lever movements using spring balances for mantel clocks.Seth Thomas Clocks The Seth Thomas company is closed and is no longer in operations and no parts or specific information is available to us to share.We do not have any parts or information on any specific Seth Thomas clock over 5 years old.1807 - Seth Thomas became an apprentice to Eli Terry. 1811 - Terry sold the business to Seth Thomas and partner Silas Hoadley.1813 - Seth Thomas sold his interest to Hoadley and moved to Plymouth Hollow, CT.

In addition to decorative mantel, wall and table top clocks, Seth Thomas produces a wide variety of timepieces perfectly suited for gift giving, the office and travel.

1815 - Thomas again follows Terry's lead and begins producing pillar and scroll clocks with rack and snail movement.

1853 - The Seth Thomas Clock Company was incorporated to ensure the company's continuance after the death of Seth Thomas. 2 Regulator was produced for 90 years.) 1865 - The town of Plymouth was divided by an Act of Legislature.

1931 - The Western Clock Company and The Seth Thomas Clock Company merged to become divisions of General Time Corporation. Thomas, great-grandson of the original founder of The Seth Thomas Clock Company was the first Chairman of the Board of General Time Corporation until his death in 1932.

1932 - The Seth Thomas Division expanded its commercial line with items such as parking meters, range timers, and industrial devices.

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