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While someone on the bus reminded that no one under 18 can legally be charged with prostitution, many victims of sex trafficking end up in jail, where they’re fined and thrown back out onto the streets.Some came into the life as teens and have been beat down physically and emotionally for so long that they can’t envision any other way to survive. Edward Lindsey, Georgia passed some of the toughest legislation in the country in 2011 that can put away traffickers for life, but those caught paying for sex still dodge serious consequences. “Wherever there are men, there are sex traffickers,” says the father of seven. That’s who’s paying for sex with kids.” Last stop, Tibet Ave: The bus pulled down a quiet residential street where FBI, immigration and a host of other cooperating agencies took down the trafficking kingpin known as El Diablo during Operation Dark Night.“Don’t try to be Superman and save the day,” warned Mc Clure.“Call the hotline.” (It’s 1-888-373-7888.) Lastly, let’s stop blaming the victims.She helped unite a 14 year-old last year with her family after the girl’s grandma recognized a tattoo on, which she calls “Craig’s List for sex offenders.” Mc Clure often spends her days calling the women posing in lacy thongs and advertising “big booty pleasures” to offer nonjudgmental outreach, educational opportunities, and if needed, immediate rescue.

Regrettably, there’s a lot more to be scared of in real life than any moaning goblin yard decoration.Unfortunately, the giant Parker’s ad wrapping around the bus made it almost impossible to see through the windows.But it didn’t take looking at a crappy metal door to imagine the fear and hopelessness behind it as Youthspark’s Jennifer Swain and Diane Mcleod of the Chatham County DA’s office described tale after tale of abuse.Not all violations will be deemed equally serious offenses, and the University reserves the right to impose different sanctions depending on the severity of the offense and take non-disciplinary, administrative actions as appropriate.Using this lens, employees with supervisory and leadership responsibilities on campus are considered Responsible Employees.

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