Sap error while updating the classification data

Step 5 − Enter the required information in your material views such as unit of measure, currency, standard price, moving price, etc. Vendors are categorized according to their requirements.

Some of the vendors having similar characteristics are grouped together and placed in one category.

Material type can be created by following the steps given below. For example: We have some materials that are to be packaged, so the material type can be electrical or food products, but we can group these material types and put them in the packaged material group.

IMG ⇒ Logistics General ⇒ Material Master ⇒ Basic Settings ⇒ Material Types ⇒ Define Attributes of Material Types TCode: OMS2 Step 1 − On the Display IMG screen, select Define Attributes of Material Types, by following the above path. Step 3 − Fill in the required information such as name of material type and description. Follow the steps given below to create a Material Group. When we create a material master record, every material is recognized by a unique number that is known as the material number. After defining, we need to assign it to a material group.

The SAP system errors out in background processing if the date isn't in the format YYYYMMDD.

In fact, all the date fields for BDC background processing and IDOCs are expected in the form YYYYMMDD.

Step 1 − On the SAP Menu screen, click the create button by following the above path.

Follow the steps given below to create a material master − Logistics ⇒ Materials Management ⇒ Material Master ⇒ Material ⇒ Create Material TCode: MM01 Note − For any create transaction, we use 01, for edit 02, for display 03 as suffix.

Step 3 − Select the views you want to maintain for your material.

Step 4 − Enter the name of the plant and the storage location. The key points about vendor master are as follows − Vendor master has three characteristics, which we will discuss one by one in the following sections.

Then, with a simple concatenation, it combines the year, month and day into a single 8-character date suitable for SAP.

the date on the slash into three parts and then pads the month and day with zeros to make two digits.

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