Russian dating moscow

You want to know how to find a girlfriend in Moscow, right?Maybe you are a lonely expat who lives in the capital city of Russia.Yes, the women have high standards and the city is freaking expensive.Yet, finding a girlfriend in Moscow is an incredible experience, at least when you know the truth about dating in Moscow.​I guess you’ve heard about the hookup culture.Looking at their lips when they talk is a sensual experience. When you step on the Red Square in Moscow for the very first time, you’ll think that you are in the middle of a huge catwalk.High heels, skirts (even when it’s cold as hell) and perfect makeup are the norm, not the exception.of these men, and maybe you are one of them, is that they watch too many You Tube videos.

Walking around like a homeless guy with a beard like Brad Pitt in his worst days is a terrible idea.I already discussed the gender imbalance in Russia in my article about Russian women, so I won’t discuss it again. And still, so many guys struggle to find a girlfriend in Moscow.​Most men don’t get it.They don’t get how dating in Russia works and they don’t understand why they can’t find a hot girlfriend or bride in the capital of this enormous country.You are sick and tired of spending the nights after a long work day alone. No, you are a lonely man who dreams about traveling to Russia for an international dating adventure.Your apartment on Tverskaya Street is empty, just like your bed. You don’t just want to visit this beautiful city for three days and two one-night stands.

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