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The prefix letters also change over subsequent years, becoming SM with furher letters for both 500 and 700cc machines from 1957 on, eventually changing to other prefix letters altogether from 1959.

I am not going to make any attempt to explain the significance of these changes.

The 500 twins have a T prefix and the 700 twins have T7 or 7T.

It is this number on the side of the engine that is recorded on the vehicle registration document here in the UK and not the one on the front. From late 1956 onwards, Greenland Mills stamp the W5 (500) or SM (700) engine number at the top of the left hand crankcase.

Some of these have been engine only, but where a complete bike, I do have to assume original pairing to frame as the ledgers fail to verify this due to rather lax record keeping.

The gearboxes arrived at Greenland Mills with Albion's own alpha-numeric number stamped on top, and this number was stamped onto the front of the engine crankcase on assembly to pair them off.

The following year the company was rechristened as “The Eadie Manufacturing Company Ltd”.

Soon after this, the company got a large contract to supply precision rifle parts to the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield, Middlesex.

These units were then sent to Redditch where they were fitted to the cycle parts to build a complete motorcycle.In celebration of this, they called their new bicycle the “Enfield”.A new company was created to market these new design bicycles called “The Enfield Manufacturing Co. The next year, the word “Royal” (after the Royal Small Arms Factory) was added to the company name and thus the Royal Enfield began.Their trademark, “Made Like A Gun” appeared in 1893.The first automotive vehicles with the Royal Enfield name were produced in 1898 – a quadricycle with a De Dion-Bouton 2.75 hp engine.

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