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But TV stations take it to another level these days thanks to social media.I'm not sure which station in the Twin Cities is most guilty, but damn, KARE-TV sure likes to exploit the personal lives of their talent. It's sad, and it is trumped by the fact that people actually care.They will respond to those Facebook posts to congratulate Rena or whomever it is for their incredible accomplishment.Harmless, sure, but a sad indictment of both the stations pumping out the local news and the people watching it.But basically darling Nikki told me that I'm allowed to praise her lame show and offer a suggestion, but I'm not allowed to call a spade a spade. I can kiss #BTN11 ass, but I can't call out bad TV when I see it.

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She's at least smart enough to have deleted her tweets about a day after she did so.

I was watching on one 2016 night and tweeted that I was going to change the channel because the windbags on #BTN11 were going to praise Chris Kluwe, who should need no introduction to you because he's a media whore.

I never said I wouldn't turn the channel back in five minutes to watch the final segment of the show.

Ignore those who criticize your crappy show if your skin is so thin.

But pretending I'm some social bully who is constantly tweeting about how awful the show is shows how petty she is.

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