Reboot problems after updating symantec antivirus shemale dating places

This is not the issue with particular system, we are getting this issue with many systems for many customers. Need to know some other option because this is happening for a multiple customers and they are using quiet latest version. Regards, Manoj Thathera Thanks for reply @Alan M We understand that but the question is why those entries were not cleared automatically after taking many reboots.

Because the problem here is we are patching the servers with specific down time and have to restart the server in that maintenance period only.

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They suggested uninstalling these Windows updates for now until they can release a fix. This is occurring because of a current Windows Update." Microsoft is aware of the issue and has added the following known issue to the knowledge base articles for affected updates.Edit the Httpd configuration file on the Apache server to enable the system log. The file exists on each server running the service.Look in the [drive:]\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\apache\conf\ directory, where "drive:" indicates the hard drive of the server. If it doesn't start, you can check the log file to determine the error. Check the SMC system log for one of the following errors: "Smc Import Config File to Data Manager Failed," "Manager Cannot Load Client Policy" or "Symantec Management Client is Stopped." These errors indicate that you have corrupt service policy files.Locate the "#Custom Log "logs/access.log" combined" code and remove the "#" hash tag. Files can get corrupted for a variety of reasons, including an improper shut down of the service, viruses and conflicts with other software running on the computer.You can update your client software to the latest version to correct these errors.

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