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The audience learns that this demon has devoured online personas before, stealing identities and gobbling up cam girls’ social handles by the dozen, but where exactly did the entity originate?How exactly does it work, and what is its ultimate goal?

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Not only does Cam show the way in which sex workers are underappreciated and unfairly scrutinized, but it also exposes the terrifying way that law enforcement handles claims of sexual abuse.

Written by former cam girl Isa Mazzei and directed by Daniel Goldhaber, is a fascinating and surreal deep dive into the complex universe of social media platforms and the intricate and undervalued life of a sex worker.

In a world where nearly every person – or at least every person with a smartphone – has a Twitter handle, or an Instagram account, or a Facebook, it only makes sense that eventually the sex industry would jump on the bandwagon and drum up a way for customers to conveniently carry on conversations with beautiful women in exchange for gainful employment.

It begs the question of how much power we’re really giving these caricatures of ourselves, and why we so desperately seek the approval of strangers that we’re willing to spend hours enhancing fictitious characters for the mere reward of several “likes”.

It’s a fascinating character study brought to life by Mazzei’s gut-punching script and Goldhaber’s sharp direction, a duo whose combined efforts ultimately create a wickedly beguiling exploration of the cybernation we’ve created and the damage its done to our psyche as a people.

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