Raymond lam dating 2016

But first they had to get through last night’s press conference together, one that was (poorly, given how it broke down) moderated by Jonathan Coachman.

The photo op devolved into a fracas, which escalated when Triple H bonked Angle with a microphone.

In 2002, Lam was offered to play the leading role in Eternal Happiness and he received the Most Improved Actor Award from TVB for his performance in Survivor's Law.[citation needed] Since 2002, Lam was frequently nominated as one of the top five finalists for the Best Actor Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards.Since then, Zhang Ruo Yun uploaded a selfie of him rushing to meet his bride and start preparing for their wedding!Both Tang Yi Xin and Zhang Ruo Yun confirmed their relationship through Weibo on August 2, 2017.He’s headlined Novoland: Castle in the Sky alongside Ju Jing Yi and The Evolution of Our Love opposite Zhang Tian Ai.He was also the titular character in the popular mystery drama Medical Examiner Dr. His newest drama The Fated General is expected to air sometime this year (fingers crossed! Both Tang Yi Xin and Zhang Ruo Yun have been an adorable couple.

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