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The actress further asserted that she got married to God.

Rachelle is enjoying every moment with her husband and their son.

On the film's opening day, it grossed .7 million commencing a record in domestic history.

Just in a week, the film generated revenue of 0.7 million as one of the blockbuster hits.

Rachelle Lefèvreis is a beautiful and talented Canadian actress who has attained immense success in her professional life, which is evident through her huge fanbase.

But her fans also long to know the real Rachel, i.e. However, this is one aspect of her life that the actress seems extremely keen to maintain her secrecy about.

Rachelle Lefevre was born on 1 February 1979 in Montreal, Quebec.

Chris is a notable chef at Hyde’s Sunset Kitchen in Los Angeles, California.

In June 2015, the couple joined the forces and teamed up with officials at the with their campaign to save shelter pets.

reason being is: She was in another movie and didnt tell the director about it and so it slipped up one day about rachelle lafevre starring in another movie and thas how the director knew about it and so he gave her a pink slip and from then on she was fired. Victoria will most likely be played by Rachelle Lefevre, the actress who played Victoria in the first Twilight movie, will be playing the same roll in New Moon.

Victoria is a nomadic vampire who seeks revenge on Edward Cullen and Bella Swan for the death of her mate, James the Tracker.

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