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True soul mates are vulnerable around one another, so if you’re looking to make this relationship last forever, the openness has to start today.It’s not very likely that you’re with your soul mate, but there are steps you can take to help determine if you’ll reach soul mate status one day.If you are, then it’s time to take action and have a conversation where you really open up to one another.Remember, if you truly want to have a soul mate connection with this person, you have to be on the same page in the present.In fact, when you’re around each other, it feels truly unremarkable.Further, you’re still in the dark about each other’s pasts, and with this in mind, it’s no wonder that your future together doesn’t seem so bright, as it has never been discussed.With this in mind, it’s also not surprising that you haven’t discussed a future together, especially since you’re still pretty fuzzy about each other’s pasts.Going forward, it’s important to ask yourself the tough questions and determine if you’re truly interested in this other person.

It’s also important that you’re not scared to have a real discussion about a future together.At this point, however, you haven’t really bonded with one another and still have a lot to learn about your partner.You’re also not currently feeling that much chemistry or a true connection.You feel good when you’re around this person, and while the future may not be as clearly laid out as you’d like, you’re on the right path toward a long and healthy relationship with one another.For you and your partner to continue to grow together, it’s imperative that you continue to be as honest with each other as possible.

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