Polycom stuck on updating initial configuration ask iliskisi dating

You’ll need to download the SIP software from the Avaya Support website.You should be able to retreive the SIP software from this link without needing to log into Avaya’s website.Polycom has now made the VVX series phones as Lync Server Compatible.The latest firmware version 5.0.1 Supports more Lync features such as PIN Authentication and update the device using Lync Server device update platform like the rest of the CX series.Download and install the Polycom BTo E application from Service/support/us/support/eula/ucs/UCagreement_BTo and install.Connect the PC’s Ethernet cable to the device’s PC port and run the BTo E application Verify that the BTo E is enabled on devices using the menu. If that’s the case, then it’ll show in the task bar as “BTo E Activated” Just like when you Tether a CX series using USB, a log in menu will come up to sign in to the device.Polycom has introduced the new BTo E (Better Together over Ethernet) application to support VVX series to integrate tightly with the Lync Client.The user experience of this is same as the CX Series tether via the USB cable but in this case, it use the Ethernet connection.

There have been a few cases where I needed to reconfigure the IP phone even though it appeared to be configured properly.To upgrade the Firmware, verify that the device has access to the Internet and “Check for Updates” In “Microsoft Lync” option, there will be two sign in methods. As usual, to use the PIN Authentication, the DHCP Options must be configured in DHCP server (Option 43 and 120).You can use any EV enabled account with the Extension and the PIN to sign in to the device like the CX series.It seems quite intricate, but hopefully it makes sense laid out like this.The trick is remembering that we can’t retain any aspects of the previous "Non Business Hours Action", as they’re completely over-written when we add the new one in Step 7.

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