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Sian Ferguson is a Contributing Writer at Everyday Feminism and a queer, polyamorous, South African feminist who is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Anthropology.

Originally from Cape Town, she now studies at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, where she works as vice-chair of the Gender Action Project.

In those cases, they took time to work on their partners’ insecurities before taking on a new relationship. What things do you expect to do in your relationship? It’s not important that you know exactly what you want from the beginning of the relationship.

Will you spend time with their family and vice versa? If so, how often will you communicate with one another, and how? But it’s important that you communicate about your expectations to your partner(s). Relationships can be so fulfilling, and loving people can be such a beautiful and rewarding experience.

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But, we are hearing more and more about this type of relationship and quite frankly, it can sound quite refreshing to someone who is an open minded, non-monogamous individual.These relationships allow for loving bonds to form with a new partner or even have a new partner date both people in the original relationship.Clinical Psychologist Deborah Anapol suggests we are moving forward as a society.Popular movies, series, literature, and music all represent the processes that come with starting to date a new partner – navigating the shyness, the confusion, the excitement, the infatuation, and all the other feelings that come with entering new (heteronormative) relationships.This is because I had never seen relationships like mine represented in the media.

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    She promotes social causes such as environment, health and education, and women's rights, and is vocal about gender equality and feminism.

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