Planetside 2 character stats not updating

The important number here is the UNIQUE logins and that barely increased.The fact that the total logins spiked just means that people have to keep logging in because they keep crashing.If you expect one day a super mega update bringing back thousands of players then wake up: it's not going to happen. Maybe it's what you (we) love it for, but for many players they just remain flaws.Territory does not matter and after all these years we can reasonably say it never will.If the default sensitivity feels “off” from what you’re used to, you’ll want to take a minute to re-adjust the slider to get it back to where you like it All characters on those servers will be able to log in as normal, they’ll just find themselves on the new Connery server.Sometimes, very randomly, there is a pop-up which tells that someone claimed his bounty... It's not happening when I kill someone with a bounty nor is it when I was killed while having a bounty...While the hard line approach has been able to negate the recent security issues with using wireless technology, the Empires now require a friendly adjacent link to the Lattice in order to take control of an enemy installation.

In order to maintain the integrity of their control protocols, the Empires have fallen back on an older system – a hard line network that physically connects bases and territories known as the Lattice Link.Planetside has been my favourite game ever since the very beginning.But we have to be realistic about the future of this brand.You know it takes months / years to get new vehicles and models in the game. Yeah they are implementing something but it's just a bigger version of the directives. In attempt to raise the number the game has been simplified over years so much that many veterans (myself included) do not even recognize it anymore. I've seen, been a part of, and victim of the death-cam.Bullet tracers, motion spotters everywhere, death map, direction indicators, the whole CAI thing... Primarily one of the concerns is that it makes sniping or let's say stalker/LA/Flanking gameplay rather nasty to do now.

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