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Clooney was already making movies before leaving “ER,” starring in such films as “One Fine Day,” “The Peacemaker,” “Out of Sight,” and “Batman & Robin.” Following “ER,” Clooney focused exclusively on the big screen, with the 2000s bringing flicks like “The Perfect Storm,” “O Brother, Where Art Thou?

” (for which he won a Golden Globe), and the “Ocean’s Eleven” films.

De Mille award at the Golden Globes for lifetime achievement.

Clooney has balanced his screen work with his passion for activism, and has frequently used his celebrity to raise awareness of certain causes, such as the crisis in Darfur and earthquake disaster relief in Haiti.

George has since said that he was not matured for marriage at that point and did not give Balsam “a fair shot”.

Talia is now married to her Mad Men co-star John Slattery.

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: P Pink Panther Pink Panther2 Pink Film Pretty in Pink Pink Triangle Pink Conspiracy The Girl in the Pink Jacket Pink The Pink List Pink Flamingo Under the Pink Carpet I hope that helps because that's all I got. She confessed to 'dating him' after a few people met her.

Later that year he starred opposite Sandra Bullock in the critically-acclaimed “Gravity,” and in 2014, he wrote, directed, and starred in the less well-received movie, “The Monuments Men.” In early 2015, he received the Cecil B.

After briefly dating Dedee Pfeiffer, the sister to the famous actress, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cloney moved on to romance Kely Preston. Clooney met Taian Balsam in 1984 and briefly dated her then; two failed relationships later, he returned to her and made her his wife in 1989.

They lived together with their pot-bellied pig called Max. Their marriage was short-lived and ended in a divorce in 1993.

They are parents to twins Ella and Alexander Clooney.

In celebration of his exit from his pimp ship, we take a look at George Clooney’s ex-girlfriends list in chronological order.

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