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“If you don’t have any chemistry on the phone, then trust your intuition,” she says.Use your cell phone number — if the match doesn’t work out, you can block their number. Avoid “digital pen pal syndrome.” You’re looking for a mate, or at least a date, not a pen pal. “If you’re uncomfortable for any reason on a date, get up and leave.” Nicole Cammorata is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor and content strategist.Tinder, which launched in October, is a free anonymous dating app that “matches” people with other users within a 30-mile radius based on mutual interest and mutual Facebook friends.Alexa Mateen, the social media director at Tinder, says the beauty of Tinder is that it is “kind of a second chance to meet people you wouldn’t naturally meet.”“There’s nothing too binding about it,” says Ms. “What’s scary about other websites is people were afraid and embarrassed to be on it.”From friendships to relationships, Tinder is whatever people want it to be, she says.Create an email address that doesn’t contain your last name and use that to communicate. Googling your date if you know their full name isn’t creepy, it’s shrewd.

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Tap of the phone, that is.“Apps are the new rage,” says Julie Spira, a leading online dating expert and author of “The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love.”Ms.It’s fine to share your favorite books, foods or movies along with your dream vacation and hopes for the future.Just don’t share identifying info — your last name, your birth date or even seemingly innocuous information like where you went to college or the neighborhood you live in.And don’t let him or her pick you up at home or work. If you drive, park in a high-trafficked, well-lit space. Inform a few close friends or family members about your date plans.

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