Pb 210 dating laboratory

Previous customer files have been transferred to us and we will be able to consult on those files with you.

Due to logistics of starting a new business, we should be able to accept new samples starting September 2019.

Embley, ET Baker, MR Perfit, DW Caress, RP Dziak (2012) Volcanic Eruptions in the Deep Sea, Oceanography, 25(1), 142157,

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This separation and subsequent decay provides the opportunity for the use of 210Pb as a dating tool.

The staff has extensive expertise in alpha spectrometry and in the application of this technique to 210Pb analysis and radiometric dating.

This expertise can be demonstrated in the ways that are listed below.1.

We can also provide the following, with or without radiocarbon dating: We also have an expert in pottery identification (Derek Hall: email Derek) associated with the laboratory.

For measurement of sedimentation rates for recent, accumulating sediment and peat deposits using the Unsupported C analyses and chronological modelling.

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