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With a passport, the citizen may travel in foreign countries in accordance with visa requirements.

Citizens may use it to request protection for that citizen while abroad. citizens to travel abroad and to return to the United States. However, during times of war, restrictions on travel were implemented and the U. government and some European countries required passports for travel in their countries. citizens, whether newly naturalized or not, to protect themselves from being detained in other countries or (if naturalized) from their own mother countries. citizens traveling abroad in foreign countries, and for re-entry into the U. Over the years, passports and passport applications contained different amounts of information about the passport applicant.

Use their microfilm catalog to determine which NARA facilities have passport microfilm, or call the facility to verify passport microfilm availability.

To locate a regional facility near you, click here.

• : Submit a request for a new travel signature through the ISOGate Way portal at least two weeks before your planned departure date.

Immigrants did not need a passport to immigrate to America. More information was required on later passport applications, such as: Basic Passports: Issued to citizens requesting a passport for travel or business abroad. Passport Extensions: Extensions (1910-1917) give the original passport application number, which can be used to obtain the original passport application. Passport Registries: May contain the passport application number required to obtain the passport application, which may have more information than the passport register. In Person: Verify research room hours before you go: 202-357-5400.

Passports issued by the New York Passport Office: Contains passport applications only for applications that utilized the New York Passport Office. The National Archives has microfilmed the passport applications from 1795 to March 1925. Your letter must include the following information: your name and mailing (postal) address; the passport applicant's name, year of birth, place of residence at the time the application was made, and the approximate year of travel.

The United States requires that travelers entering the United States under the Visa Waiver Program have an e-Passport if their passport was issued on or after October 26, 2006. ports of entry, e-Passport holders will be directed by signage or personnel on the appropriate U. There are multiple layers of security in the e-Passport process that prevent duplication.

Additional information on VWP e-Passport requirements. The inspection process for an e-Passport holder is the same as that for a non-e-Passport holder. The United States and its VWP partners have worked together through extensive testing to identify a technology solution to support the production of e-Passports and e-Passport readers.

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