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Atonement marks the third instalment of Osunlade's ongoing Offering mix series.

Myself and Pure P on the decks, ADL (Blacknuss etc) is on the mic and its all happening at this dope secret location somewhere in boogie down Stockholm.

Peter Edison, Dirty Channels, Mike O' Mara, Francesco Chiocci, Andre Lodemann, Saison, Roberto Rodriguez, DJ Sneak, Nick Curly, Juno Recommends Deep House, D-Former, Javi Lopez, Timo Camillo (26 Tea Drops Int), Kruse & Nuernberg, Fredeverything, Sccucci Manucci, Djs: Most Charted - Deep House, Muzikman Edition, Freddy The Groove aka F★T★G, Soul Camp, Alexander Maier, Francesco Chiocci, Jem Haynes, Yass, THINGS HAPPEN, Ali Tillett (Warm Agency) House music's premier spiritualist pops up on Innervisions, as label stalwarts Ame and Dixon have a crack at reworking "Envision" from his recent Yoruba LP Pyrography.

The Ame Remix in particular is a bit of a doozy, turning the shuffling original into a quietly anthemic epic - all darting synth melodies, warm chords, sparse percussion and delicious riffs wrapped around Osunlade's original vocal.

Highlights include the loved-up synth breakdowns and jacking, Chicago-style groove of his Juan Mac Lean remix, a wonderfully retro-futurist take on George Fitzgerald's "Every Inch", a thrusting, stab-happy revision of Quarion and a lusciously jazzy take on Todd Terje's "Alfonso Muskedender".

That said, on another day we could have listed another five or six highlights: it really is that good.

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