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Winds increasing'to 8 to 15 miles an hour In the -afternoonr Hlghs lowto mlddle SOs both days. and_Th ursday^ Winds II gh Lexcept- for afternoon breezes. Overnight lows middle 30s to -Iow40s, -N*r«5T a - ^ 3000 29.77 In~Womnir«: II as Italy Invadetfin" British Somal Uand.

District restric Uve environment required by' Jud Be Marlon Calllsler Monday says federal law. The third class, of "'" """"^ — u4ilch the estimated SO mentally-re' .tarded.children.are-a part,-doinot receive appropriate plocements or effect Ive treotmenl. and the boy was moved to a Boise _ -- — ^ group home; All the facilities where the full names of the four children ' Dusty was sent are labeled as.

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He said Tsnnnidehrreefiwafir^i Bh' Lawsuit filed ^x^DT fights^ state retarded BOISE (UPD- — An esllmated-SO- KINGSTON, Jamaica (UPl) - Hurricane Allen, Ihe Uilrd' mightiest storm on record,- smashed Haiti's mnin- laimus a mlhw es t, coast w ith i Tfrm ph winds Tuesda y nl^andlaa SSJamficam Utple^Ivieh rains. hurrlcane-Jorecoster-MUes Lawrence In Miami reported that 'Iparts of the southwest peninsula of Haiti Is In the eye wall, it Is ^ecelvlng the full lorccoftlte Etorm." Allen has already killed 19 people — 16 In a devastating blow to the resort Island of St.

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