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To do this, we use Service Worker’s brand new storage API — — a global object on the service worker that allows us to store assets delivered by responses, and keyed by their requests.This API works in a similar way to the browser’s standard cache, but it is specific to your domain.Instead, we could build our own promise to handle this kind of case.

One overriding problem that web users have suffered with for years is loss of connectivity.Git Hub is therefore a good place to host experiments, as it supports HTTPS.In order to facilitate local development, The below graphic shows a summary of the available service worker events: Promises are a great mechanism for running async operations, with success dependant on one another. Promises can do a variety of things, but all you need to know for now is that if something returns a promise, you can attach will be run, asynchronously.The install event is fired when an install is successfully completed.The install event is generally used to populate your browser’s offline caching capabilities with the assets you need to run your app offline.

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