Online dating switzerland

Couple days ago a friend was trying to get me to download Tinder.

She (29F) downloaded it along with her close friends and told me she got to meet quite a lot of people over time in Geneva.

Hi folks, Pretty straightforward topic: have you ever used Tinder or other dating apps/websites, and if so how did it go for you or for your friends who used them?

Asking this here because I suspect our tiny country shows a quite different dynamic than what we see on r/Tinder .

So I would definitely say that Tinder in Switzerland is not just a platform for quick hookups.

I've been on a few Tinder-dates (no ONS though) and they were generally nice. I study and work in a very female-dominated field and I'm also not what I consider a 10/10 look-wise so Tinder helped me getting to know men.

I’ve matched with some nice people, almost all of them foreigners though.

Anything really, that can be fun in groups, and cultivate that passion. I gave it a try for a few months in Ticino, it was overall bad, certainly nothing compared to how it is in the US (tried it there as well).

No matter which gender: Take and upload some good photos and write a bio. It's really not that hard but SO MANY people just write nothing or put some generic emojis there.

I don't wanna go out with someone when all I know about them is that they like using a monkey emoji. I'm not on Tinder on Saturday at 6pm looking for a date for 7 o'clock...

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