Online dating software with recurring billing

If a customer reaches out with questions about cancelling or about the subscription in general make sure your sales and customer service staff are trained on the proper procedures for processing and handling recurring transactions.

These transactions are particularly customer service sensitive. Especially if the cardholder does not recognize the merchant descriptor or was meaning to cancel the subscription before the next charge.

These laws usually require merchants to explicitly state when the cardholder is being billed, how much the billing will be for, if a free trial is offered that the customer is aware they will be charged, etc.

These practices should be put in place no matter where you are doing business.

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COCARD is pleased to be a registered Member Service Provider with several of the industry’s largest payment processors.Make this information delivered as clear as possible and that it is easy to find if they have any questions at a later date.Following best practices for recurring transactions on digital goods can help merchants avoid many unnecessary customer disputes.But we recommend you sit down with your lawyer to go over state requirements., online dating site e Harmony was hit with a consumer-protection lawsuit filed in four California counties.The claim was that e Harmony did not clearly and conspicuously explain their subscription fee, did not provide the consumer with their dating contract, or explain their right to cancel.

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