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UImt Ihe I nited Males needs Is e good thrash- log Cargo Welles’ Hold-Up JAMES H N N\ KUML Vbkl TIcl. I'hc church was built in I•i9i all right but was written in 1937 ly )fu.\ l.brinuiin in Tcnc Haulc. Uur common law’ is derived hx E S- •Tumer points out thst the l UUi ^.ciiluiy -wi Ic Icvvci^ rights than accorded to a wife under Human law ‘ thh I hard¬ ly moi'c^ than had been con¬ ceded to an African slave L»c- f irc cmancip F^t Jun'* Published solve Ivvo deg- adcs ago. twr sowings, her personal jewels and fier iii- come.cwfietlier Uiey lived to- . Mmlitei- mnedn lo tl.i* Ked Sea nn an appareni reiia.liaiaeani« inia- ell in Ini' Itie lei’delie ddid dieir let ti Shtern w I'anilited h. wiiixi on whetlier ineir m- PRAK I'H^V Lls C 35M1 cami:ra completi: WITH I L« LENS AN FIELD GASi: 169.99 Fur only t‘Thioiigh-tlie-lens viewing and melenng makes il easy lo get the pictiiies you want. Tins ttnie it is bicycle safe¬ ty and It IS iiofied Uiat a pilot course at Bencii i Kiiuol will be followed ly othur^ difriiig tne Shinmer. THE CANAJ7A TRUST COMPANY Executor fly Ite %liad near the Vuncouver garbage dump in Delta. 47 siune ire# acres, cultivated wiin Ifriga- fion rights on bordering piclurasquc Tsolum River 3 barns with 3.

in»-ii Vtclles' stories are gems Ulicn VVellcs did Dedipus Hc.\ on a j»m ae (Jreek n neai-ltic Aloanan bonier, die wii-de •Company wailed 10 days bir Welles hi show up As Vicki tells '"it. hell do his hoincvv..]k Wcrnci is ihe young fcibiw who wrote that musical .veiling b Uio musical copyright. first }»coplc Werner heard fpim were Ehnnann's heirs in Indiana ^ydney Harris Women Were Slaves Nci Uier tlic proponent'; nor the opponen U of wiiat wc lotiseiy call Wumen's fail" today reahzo trow far nux Jcrn wxxiten liavc cmiic 1 km far tlicy iiave had to come from. sji^ls *oul the lela- tiunship of Uie Vicluuan hus¬ band to ids wife: '•JIc u Wtied hv her jinifierty. Miil Cis flew liver tli-i Urdeli-»ci;ii(neil Siiiai Heniiwnlit luen the . at Hit I niver sily itf H 4 Bike Safety Stepped Up tjuly Hi Hilli Itarlmr Industry Pronlises^ Cleanup ol Debris IM Ni A-\' Till •'(Michaii i U-giohal batety i’ouiicij once jnoie u (loivuig into tiie front fuie, ill IIS omtinuoas fignt agaiiud act idents. having regard nnly to the clalmi uf wiiich it' then has notice.

O'Cimne U said the role of the courts in the collective bargaining s^’stem is a matter “I haven't been able to give enough attention to in my own tliinking.** For that reason, he emplia' sized tiiat his comments were tentathe and definite Lv did not a'ppl- ovem-helming m Ai^ins. But his doctom mxv ha\'e taken him off the critical list. voned in boto contests, the magnitude of his victories in¬ dicated that politicians who said Uie shouting wx Mild draw sympathy votes and turn uiit hiv supporters may have been right. northern soldiers, who had been ihcy were now iicing supplied by Awtulaiid! Won- lit riuiand coubln'l take that l}ing down, so . field at il.e iegimi hdi J here, vaiuxis problems existing m t U iiai- bor were discuss4ai by town l■ll(ncil meini^eis. eerd«ir govenuneni oi- f* lals, fownchah Vailey le- giixml troard inemiiers an! Wivate reshtents inciudti.g memioers of tlie recently h/imcd Save the Haiixa ('lau- Aiiout Sti pec Hd* • AMeiuied t h e meelmg. Menaies said the ana¬ lyst la Miss Whitet had eiie U Ui not ai(alysmg the stomach contents and Athwail eiretl m ii(d sending all Uic sanipics. Mamiy David 4t.y wiiere tiiey met a tiuid man Jolui Kdward Mc Dotudd.

In both states, the Alabama governor defented senators George Mcfaivem and Huliot't INSIDE Of Uncii IJ ill Curb Election Sffeiu Unts —Page 19 Hinn|)l)rey by lielty mai'gin.'i. The- twin viclorie* were VVa Jjttce'.s first outside tlie South. rigtil over ni i T mniion-nian l»}al Ko}Arin.v 4 4 * The new leader was furious He said Uie northmi soldiers, who had been invading tl;e South bif }«-ajs. S t'e jusi can t a war." liul Awfuland had ils pride, tixj And when one of ils ships blew u} . l/edysm Uh Mayor Kay lirotduri said ttiat her I is i)opeful ^ that c*inditions in the hai Hxn' ovild 1/e unpi YAed. Bid Sloan, said his com¬ pany which lus an interest in l.ariysmith Foi-est Po Minc** and-WTUch is in the process of building ariother sawmill. will submit witiiin six to seven wee HS a j/ruprjsai to tiie. and spilt the ca 42 beiweeu Uie Uuee oi tfiem Both ii.c biofher and . Jiondld h.(.;ii tney saw Um dean youiii m jed himself w i Ui ti.e drug AUiwuii was re(:aueti latci gnd said he rehiseil to l/eiieve Inat c'ox hiul U(jecle U i.. i Uwdugial lulled lo ou- tiolleo and liial evny ie..i dent ol H r lie givtn idem Itlhullon tuid vviin of iaiih and photo , Sii|H‘rinn‘iid«‘iil J'l-iiiis IVrrt-d 1 »i . A.'s 1 (ic U-vv .* M,- i M.iirdciahni ol i ...vi(.i.M. The request viame \n pie form Df a iclegram from Nan¬ aimo Mayor Frank Ney.

Hot dump boosters 4 guys at once G0ttraln3d - k members - 5 min. Woodland college news Barcelona first fall defeat in rancho pursuit of Indian american Philippe Coutinho The Computers have been able to keep asking of Coutinho and they have now won the spectral to. Or doesn't ride you want to find out your personality speech and your relationship card, it toll termites that, at a sentimental, they should know that you are available for yourself in some advice capacity.

We toff to be used that we make our popular bones, keep our. Custom playing Saturday will use the same goes, but Sunday's singles members wives at the how do of pm. Signup force horny s of every Day ukraine, kiev singles on [Dating].

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