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Many years ago the USSR empire fell and Ukraine gained the long-awaited independence.Now this holiday became the main festivity of the state.Women's Day is a really big holiday in Ukraine and a very special day for Ukrainian ladies.On this day men congratulate their girlfriends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and thank them for their warmth and care.According to the tradition, funny games, ice-runs, circle dances and fairs are take place during Maslenitsa. The Orthodox Easter period often occurs later than the Catholic Easter period, because Orthodox church bases its Easter date on the Julian calendar.

And in the evening magnificent festive fireworks will thunder over many cities.

Tatiana's Day is a holiday of all students and ladies named Tatiana. Tatiana the Empress Elizabeth signed "The decree on establishment of the first university in Moscow". Valentines Day is celebrated in Ukraine since the early 90-ies.

Since then this day is considered to be the student's holiday and St. This is one of the most romantic and magical days in a year.

If you dream to meet a lady from Ukraine and want her to be your closest person, learn some interesting information about Ukrainian holidays.

So you will be able to send your wishes to your beloved girl when she is really waiting for them. Holidays in Ukraine are full of hearthfullness and joy of living.

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