Office communicator presence not updating

previously it was working in my office fine but since last update presence is not working on communcitor for windows and flare for ipad both. Hotdesking works fine but not if the phone is not connected.

I'm interested in finding out more about the Microsoft Office Communicator IM client, and how it determines your presence (i.e if you are at your computer or away).

Hi, I've got two types of Jabber client deployment - on prem and cloud based (this is the old webex connect, not jabber for telepresence). Calendar appointment whilst they do show up within meeting tab on Jabber client, the status of the client doesnt change to "In a Meeting" during appointments. I have modified AD attribute proxyaddress for on prem clients to SIP:[email protected], I've assumed that for off prem clients, it would be SIP:[email protected] as used by login details.

Both have different issues with calendar integration. I cant seem to find any documentation about calendar integration with webex connect clients.

Judith's last name is changing and so will her SIP address: After updating the user's display name and changing their SIP address, the user will be signed out of the Lync client: If we take a look at what actually happened in the database, before making any changes, you can see that each user is assigned a unique Resource Id: These IDs are what are used by the database to keep track of your contact list.

Searching the address book for Judith may produce inconsistent results: Since the Address Book service hasn't run yet to update the address book, the Lync client may be pulling some stale information.

In the screenshot above, the old SIP address was still be used so a 404 was being returned to the client.

This is actually an issue with Communicator, not Outlook, but because the error shows up in Outlook, it gets blamed.

The fix is fairly easy: delete Communicator's contact database from the affected user's computer and wait for the updated version to be downloaded.

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