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In therapy my work is to help my client to recognize and honor that calling.""I am an Integrative Psychotherapist in that I blend traditional psychotherapy with cutting edge alternative approaches and perennial techniques sourced from Eastern philosophies.

In therapy my work is to help my client to recognize and honor that calling.""Do you need someone to really listen in a safe environment?

Phone & Video counseling are available throughout the US, the Caribbean and in certain parts of the European continent!

""In over 150 combined years of clinical experience we have worked with thousands of individuals who want to learn how to cope with current conditions, make quality of life improvements, change relationships, alter behaviors and feel better.

He guides the exploration of the underlying causes that lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Jeffrey is a Certified Hope & Freedom Practitioner and offers three-day intensive sessions for couples looking to restore and heal their relationship.""Jeffrey Francis is a Licensed Professional Counselor with special certification as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) and EMDR and Trauma Therapist.

Located in the heart of the central business district and adjacent to the City of Norfolk’s world-class waterfront and festival site, Waterside District is a central gathering place for local residents and visitors.

I have studied extensively with Pia Mellody since 1999, honing the skills necessary to work on trauma, codependency, love addiction and developmental immaturity.

I use methods depending on the needs of the person seeking help including insight oriented psychotherapy, mindfulness practice, somatic work and dreamwork.

I take a non-pathology based approach in that I help clients experience their painful symptoms as a personal calling for growth and change.

""Thanks for considering to start a therapy relationship with me.

My hope is that I will provide you with an effective experience that allows you to freely explore the challenges you are currently facing. Smart, capable and successful people get caught in painful relationship patterns that leave them feeling disconnected, emotionally and physically. Strong relationships hinge on the answer to this question.

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