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It’s always the same story in action movies, the bad guy is walking around his home or the courtyard outside when a team of well outfitted, steely-eyed operators pop out of nowhere to snatch him up.

What the movies don’t show, is the long and arduous movement that the team had to do just to get into position in the first place.

Sound always travels further than you think, which means that moving slowly will be to your advantage.

We’ll cover hand signals at a later date, but as long as the group is all on the same page, it really doesn’t matter what hand gestures you use.

Aside from Military and Law Enforcement applications, there are some benefits to learning these tactics in the civilian sector.

The infil and exfil phases of an operation are every bit as important as the actions on the objective, but certainly not as sexy in real life.

Learning to move as a team can be beneficial beyond the battlefield.

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