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I'm sure there are a lot of psychologists who aren't anything like that, but those experiences were enough to make me never want to try another one.I think it's the only profession that I would never date, under any circumstances.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I've dated two, and while they were both very nice people, they just never - ever - knew how to turn it off. every single interaction she had with another human being, she was observing them to see how they reacted.They were always poking, analyzing, observing, looking for hidden motivations, whatever. They never relaxed and just took experiences as they came; every single thing had to be analyzed and broken down and interpreted. every single thing we did or talked about, I would just brace myself and say, "Ok, that was fun; now here comes the part where we friggin' analyze it." For a while I thought it was just me - that I'd happened to draw two weird psycholgists. She'd stare at people like they were bugs in a jar.They truly thought taking a few classes gives them vision of the inner workings of the brain.That takes much more studying than a 4 year degree.Well one was looking for a hookup and I wasn't, but such is the life of a free spirited new age college girl. There are plenty of male gynecologists, and I'm pretty sure I've had as many female medical professionals see my johnson as male medical professionals.In what medical world do you think only men treat men and only women treat women?

That just eliminated 25% of the women around my age The psych major girls in school were so annoying with their little analysis crap when they really didn't know much at all.

Being that only male doctors generally see a man's genitals and vice versa, I'd have to say that is a bad comparison.

Unless your partner is bisexual, then you've opened a new can of worms.

I knew a couple that weren't overbearing like that though.

Our personalities just didn't mesh so the friendships didn't last.

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