Most intimidating movie lines

He knows that when it comes to the showdown, he's going to win.But like the old westerns the series is inspired by, someone always wants to challenge the fastest gunslinger.But in a shocking moment, Quarles has his arm chopped clean off and that's the end of him.As he details the bizarre story to his ex-wife Winona, Raylan includes the amusing and inappropriate jokes about the situation.

He is good at his job, but he is also impatient and uninterested in playing by the rules.

For most people, that can cause some slight problems.

In Raylan's case, it could mean that someone is going to die.

When he first meets Dewey Crowe, a low-level criminal with an even lower IQ, Raylan feels the need to lay things out in no uncertain terms.

As Dewey aims a large shotgun at Raylan, the Marshal doesn't blink.

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