Moonlight dating sim endings usan female skype ids

Comic Party was an exception that I have played a decent bit of it, mostly because I had a guide book.

But even with that I got derailed into Emi's story path rather than the one I wanted to be on.

Now I haven't actually played Baldr Force Exe, other than a brief check in the beginning.

It felt kinda outta place, given the nature of what it was showing after what happened.I was hoping there'd be some animation upon seeing Mitsuki and Haruka in it but they moved little and it was mostly a montage of game pics which I don't think are included in the DC version due to their nature (although I could be wrong as I haven't gone beyond this point).I'll definitely give Kimi ga Nozumo Eien a play if/when I can get ahold of it. This came up in the other Dreamcast thread, but I didn't want to derail that one by asking in there.I've been really interested in getting into the dating sim and adventure titles, but just didn't know where to start, what the best ones were, etc.

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