Mike patton dating

Although born in Mississippi, Patton spent her early life and childhood in Plano, Texas.

"Oh--yeah, sure," he says, so nice I think I might blow my brains out, "Whats his name." Patton actually signs J's name and everything, gives me a smile, says thanks, and walks to the escolator and out of my life. After that day, I started to actually listen to Mike Patton's music, and it WAS really good. He is actually a pretty respected vocalist and has been involved in SO MANY diffrent bands/projects/records since fucking Faith No More--and continues to be. He can sing the shit out of anything, and he arranges/produces pretty much everything he puts his name on.So, going along with the whole theme of having a not fun summer learning caselaw about computer rights and algebra, Corinne retreats into her head... There is this guy Mike Patton (you might know him as the singer of the defunct band Faith No More), and I am in love with everything he is about.Now here is the story behind this, which needs to preface the retelling of the highlights of my day, which revolve around Mike Patton.I notice as I am restocking DVD's that someone has walked up to the counter to pay for his items, and I mosey to my register.I didnt look the guy in the eye as I grabbed his stack of 12 or so DVD's.

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