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"We want our users to meet and hang out together before getting married," she adds.Described as India's answer to Tinder, with 5,000 downloads so far, its stand is clear.

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"We like to say we are," says Aarti Kapoor, chief engagement officer of Waltzz, a matchmaking site for those looking for long-term relationships, launched by Tina Chulet (wife of Quikr founder Pranay Chulet) in March 2015.The second problem, women say, is the attitude of many of the men on the sites."Some guys question me on why I am still single at 31," says Mandira (name changed), a BTech and MBA graduate who works as a business planner for a telecom major in Chennai.Not surprisingly, dating apps, which largely caught on in India after American dating app Tinder localised its Android version for India in July 2013, are switching tracks.Some now hope to occupy a "social discovery app" space or the "new age matchmaking platform for modern singles".

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    I’ve been known to chase people down in parking lots, malls, grocery stores and even the motor vehicle administration to see if they are single. I thought my work at the agency would be temporary until I got into grad school, but I fell immediately in love with my job, my clients and understanding why so many “dateable” people were still single. MN: My clients need to trust me, knowing that we’re going to push them outside the box because however they are meeting people now clearly isn’t working for them. Being incredibly well-connected and dedicated to offering the close-knit D. LGBT community a personal matchmaking service is something that Kim is very passionate about. There is a reason why many well-known high-end hetero matchmakers around the country have selected us to be their “gay” division. MN: In a relationship, somewhat long distance — I live part time in Los Angeles WL: Best date? Premier Match Owner Christie Nightingale (Photo courtesy of Christie Nightingale).

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