Meave leakey fossil million years dating

Determining if the new fossils belong to rudolfensis or habilis, he said, “would depend on ongoing comparisons with the original fossil assemblage” at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, where the first and many other habilis and contemporary specimens have been excavated. “More work needs to be done using the faces and lower jaws of modern humans and great apes to check how different the shapes and the palate can be among individuals in living species.” All in all, the state of hominin affairs that paleoanthropologists are left with is neatly summed up in the title of Dr.An assessment of recent finds at Olduvai as well as the 1470 fossil, by Ronald J. Wood’s article, “Facing Up to Complexity.” He concluded with the prediction that “by 2064, 100 years after Leakey and colleagues’ description of H.

rudolfensis, to which 1470 has often been tentatively assigned. erectus emerged around the same time, joining the other two species in Africa.

When you read the news reports carefully you see how eager scientists and reporters are to turn speculation into scientific fact.

The Boston Globe headline reads: "New fossil adds an early branch to the human family tree." But in the Associated Press story, Meave Leakey, who discovered Flat-faced man, is quoted as saying the chances are 50-50 this species could have been an early ancestor of human beings.

That means, in her mind, it is assumed to be a pre-human, and under the assumption that humans evolved from apes, it could be an ancestor of Homo sapiens, or, like one of the many new rival hominids, it may have lived millions of years ago but became extinct and died out without an ancestral link to modern humans.

Readers have to scan news reports for the assumptions and qualifiers.

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