Matthew lewis dating

In July 2016, it was announced that Lewis is the star in stage production called ‘‘Unfaithful’’ playing the character called ‘‘Peter‘‘.

The play was directed by Adam Penford, with playwright by Owen Mc Cafferty.

Matthew Lewis is an English film, television and stage actor.

People mostly know him for his role as Neville Longbottom in the ‘Harry Potter’ films.

Throughout his childhood years, he grew up in the nearby town of Horsforth.

The actor appears to be a pretty private person, except for when he's showcasing that crooked smile and those tight abs, but based on an article posted by the Daily Mail in 2011, he was linked to a woman named Shinead Husband at the time.He's never shared a photo on Instagram of either lady, so that means he's single, right?I mean, if he hasn't made things Instagram official, that says a lot — or so it would seem.Now, is Lewis currently dating or single or still with either of these ladies? But there's no doubt he'd make a great boyfriend, and here's why.While talking with Attitude, the actor said this is how he's always looked.

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