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Over 580 colleges and universities in the US offer advanced degrees in accounting, and a growing number of these institutions are offering programs that allow students to earn their master’s in accounting online.

A master’s degree in accounting is a popular option to meet the 150 semester credit hours of education required in most states to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam.

Additionally, if you earn your master’s online from a well-known and regionally accredited public or private university, you will typically follow the same program as on-campus students.

Another benefit is that most traditional colleges and universities do not note on transcripts or degrees that coursework was completed online – meaning your degree holds the same weight (and requires the same academic work! There are other factors beyond cost to consider if you’ve decided that online learning is the best fit for earning your master’s degree.

Although there are differences, the ACBSP and IACBE accreditations are still held as markers of quality by employers.

Whether or not a degree was earned online, the most important indication of respect for your degree is likely the name recognition of the school you choose to attend.

However, ACBSP and IACBE consider faculty contributions beyond research as a marker of scholarly activity, and are less strict than the AACSB on how faculty are considered qualified in terms of academic or professional experience.

Because of its focus and reputation, attending an AACSB accredited accounting program is strongly recommended for students who are pursuing careers in research or academia.

ACBSP and IACBE accreditation are more frequently held by smaller, private universities that offer baccalaureate and master’s programs but not doctoral programs.

A graduate accounting degree also provides in-depth preparation for advanced and specialized accounting careers in such fields as finance, forensic accounting, and taxation.

On this page you will find our proprietary ranking of the best master’s in accounting programs that can be completed online, along with in-depth information and advice to help you make an informed decision on returning to school to earn your master’s degree.

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