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So this was another option other than the online dating scene.

Anyway, throughout the year membership I went on over 25 dates with different women, so I feel I am experienced on how this works.

After hearing basically the same description for each woman, I eventually told them to not waste their time in telling me about the details.

I think they just grab the closest match and that's who you will be meeting.It is very frustrating to go through that many dates throughout the year and not find 1 woman that I would like to date.This service had no idea of what I was looking for, after several conversations stating what I was in search of.There was never a good match and then after complaining several times, IJL had the nerve to ask me to sign up for another year! I haven't even spoken to the woman who interviewed me initially (Since I signed up).You would think that she, being the one who "knows" you, would do her best to advise or help in any way possible.

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