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“Coming together after a period of long distance is a major turning point,” Andy Merolla, Ph D, an associate professor at Baldwin Wallace University who researches LDRs, tells Yahoo Health.Some relationships prosper, while others don’t — in fact, the majority don’t.One 2007 study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that upon reuniting, 82 percent of LDR couples broke up.Other research in that same journal showed that one-third of unions end in the first three months of reuniting. Yahoo Health asked the experts for the most common problems experienced by couples who have just closed the distance gap — and how to solve them.So how can you reunite with your formerly long-distance S. Why it happens: The particular sources of disappointment or conflict post-reunion aren’t always what you’d expect, Merolla says.That’s because many people simply aren’t aware of their habits and routines until someone’s there to point them out, he says." data-reactid="29"Why it happens: The particular sources of disappointment or conflict post-reunion aren’t always what you’d expect, Merolla says. Most research on the topic suggests geographically challenged couples are more likely to idealize their partners than couples who live close to each other, leading to unrealistic expectations.

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” Save your sanity by learning how to decipher his most vague text messages. Master the art of seducing him via text Make him beg for your touch by skipping the nudes and sending seductive text messages that will leave him gasping for more.

Remember, if your texts are good enough, your partner will read them not once, not twice, but many times.

Reserve your spot in their heart by showing that you care enough to send a personalized, positive and creative text message.

Save your griping for your close friends, or your dog. ” On a side note, if you suspect that your partner is sneaking around, ask them in person or over Skype. Elaborate on how much you miss him Don’t simply say “I miss you”… Here are some great ideas for positive, sweet texts to let him know you miss him: – “The second you get off the plane you’re all mine” – “Thanks for the call.

Also, while jealousy might look sexy in music videos or romantic comedies, the these are the types of text messages that will kill your relationship: – “Where are you? Grilling him about potential infidelity are one of the bigger questions you should never ask him over text. Your voice is by far my favorite sound.” – “I can’t wait for the day that we don’t have to say goodbye, only goodnight.” – “I don’t mind waiting for you, you’ve already proved you’re worth the wait…” 7. Mix things up a bit with a flirty texting game like Quick Fire!

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