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I also set my preferences and made sure to max out the age and distance to maximize the amount of people that would soon be introduced to me on my swipe feed.

Getting started on bumble takes only 2 minutes to do.

However, when I double dipped back into the honey jar I noticed 13 of my matches (one in which I used the daily extend feature which allows you extend the time period before a match disappears) were gone.

This was a bummer because I hoped at least some of my matches would message me by the end of day two.

Obviously the first step was to upload some quality pictures of myself.

When I got to the home screen a sense of euphoria ran through my body as I noticed there was fresh honey in the jar (it’s really a beehive icon that takes you to your inbox, but I think honey jar sounds cooler).

When I stuck my hand in the honey jar looking to see what sweet goodness was waiting for me I noticed my matches had actually climbed to 14 overnight (up 3 more, cool).

By restricting male contact through this one rule, bumble attempts to weed out creeps, reduce vulgar or pointless messaging, and aims to boost the quality of each match.

Increasing the quality of matches is ideal for securing a date in real life because it’s more likely two people will find each other compatible enough to agree to meet.

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