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When we settled on a load it fired six consecutive 3-shot groups under .5 MOA! With Berger Varmints it will shoot a little over 1/4"! I was just helping a friend do some workups for his 6.5 Swede Tikka T3. I have never handloaded for a Sako/Tikka that wouldn't easily spit out sub MOA groups after the most basic handload tuning. You can go buy Winchester off the shelf and get 1/2" groups! They may not appeal to the traditionalist, but represent one heck of a value.

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While hunting in the national forest while challanging my brother to make a long distance shots to see who can hit the target the closest, my brother made a perfect pinpoint 125yd shot.

I bought a Tika 270 two years back and it shoots honest-to-god 1/2 MOA groups. Mine is a 300 wsm, walked out of gander mountain with the gun anda lupold scope for 0.

Yes it does have some cheaper bits on it, but the barrel, bolt, and trigger are straight out of the sako.

Sako's hold their the auction sites like Gunbroker. Shoot more, do preventive maintenance, fix when broken parts eventually do happen, and shoot more. thanks mi-fordson) I dont know where you have been looking ,but neither Rifle you mentioned is anywhere near 1500,00... Although autos are a little more than Bolt Actions..

Work up loads carefully and measure case expansion just in front of the belt using a micrometer. I myself fall in the catagory that Kimber rifle are overpriced and under preform.

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