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Now let's see how we can use intersection observer in Java Script to lazy load images using this markup pattern: If intersection observer is available, we create a new observer that runs a callback when img.Check out this Code Pen example to see this code in action.All that's left to do for the developer is to decide what to do when an element is visible.

The drawback of intersection observer, however, is that while it has good support amongst browsersit's not universal.

If you've used Lighthouse and examined some opportunities for improvement, you may have seen some guidance in this realm in the form of the Offscreen Images audit: One of Lighthouse's performance audits is to identify off screen images, which are candidates for lazy loading.

You've probably already seen lazy loading in action, and it goes something like this: You arrive at a page, and begin to scroll as you read content.

The src attribute, which references a placeholder image that will appear when the page first loads.

The data-src and data-srcset attributes, which are placeholder attributes containing the URL for the image we'll load once the element is in the viewport.

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