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Pretty soon, I’d write a new song for a particular gig.

Then I’d demo it on a computer, and I’d burn a copy of this really sparse, minimal, just vocals-and-guitar arrangement for the show.

We recently caught up with Radin to discuss the new album, life on the road, performing at Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi’s wedding, and so much more. Sydney, I’m gonna do this at The Factory Theater tomorrow night. I know it’s been a while since i visited, but I still love you. I try to place the listener of every song into that place in my head. That sounds strange, but after years and years of seeking out an audience by trying to paint and sell my paintings, or trying to write screenplays and sell them and get them made into movies, I was always seeking an audience for something I was doing creatively.

This was the first thing I ever tried that was just a hobby and the audience sort of found me in the early days of Myspace and TV and film, things like that.

(Example: in the Dixie Chicks song "Top of the World", the lead singer sings from the point of view of first her "father" and ultimately the point of view of all parents who have neglected to love their children.

She has a line, "I wish I loved Jesus / the way my wife does", but she is not singing as a gay woman.) * I don't know how credible this source is, but a friend of mine from college's best friend from home (see...herein lies the credibility part) won a contest to see Ingrid backstage - you had to design a concert poster for her and the top x number of posters won.

And people would just seek me out and say, “Where can I get your music? And then pretty quickly the hobby became a career, very fortunately.

” And I’d just write them back and say, “Well, I don’t really have any other music. I never thought I had the confidence or the talent to do something like this for a living, and people just started writing me and saying, “You’re wrong.” That’s what I mean, like, who starts learning a few chords on the guitar at age 30 and then thinks they’re going to be a professional musician. With “Winter” I had learned six chords on the guitar and I thought, I wonder if I can write a song that uses these six chords.

I just started slowly but surely writing more songs and I started playing a few little gigs in the Village in New York and then Hotel Café in Hollywood.

I demoed it in my friend’s bedroom, and it was the most barebones demo you could imagine.

It wasn’t a studio or anything like that, just a little bedroom recording.

And three weeks later Bill Lawrence called me and was like, “Do you mind if I use that song in this episode?

” And I told him, “No, I wouldn’t mind at all.” Then the show airs, and I’m watching it at home in my apartment in New York with my girlfriend at the time, and we were pretty much screaming because they played the whole song over this really sad montage.

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