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Sometimes he’ll disappear for 3-5 days and then message me about being in the field and sorry for being MIA.

Sometimes I get busy and he’ll ask how I’ve been and say he misses chatting. I have a lot going on right now and 2 young kids so and I don’t really have time to actively date.

I hung out with him, but he also wasn't very vocal...

He explained he can be shy at first and I let it slide cuz we have had good convo from messaging. I don't want to do him dirty bcuz it isn't fair considering how long we've been talking, and I actually liked him.

I am intensely passionate about music, psychology, video games and politics/social justice and dammit I want someone who shares some of that passion.

I'd honestly rather be alone than not have that.

I’ve been on Several dates and when the check comes it always turns awkward for me. He wanted to do a phone call, I hate talking on the phone so I suggested a drink instead. Is it appropriate to suggest splitting it as soon as it is delivered? Not sure if the rules are different for 20 somethings vs 50 somethings. Every time I rewrite my profile and update my pics, hoping to have better luck this time.

They are not a utility, they are actively looking to exploit you.

I promise your mental health will improve if you throw them away.

I'm kinda unsure of what's ok and what's not on dating apps. These sites are built from the ground up like a slot machine.

They are built to keep you around perpetually using their service.

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